Tuesday, December 06, 2005

TMI (part 2)

OK, I did blame EVERYBODY there didn’t I? Gotta back that up.

Case in point, this whole issue with getting Nate to stay asleep. I have read three books with three totally different viewpoints on the subject. I tried a bit of each and when that didn’t work, I decided to stick to one method and go hardcore.

My mother-in-law calls.
“We’ve been letting him cry,” I inform her.
“Oh you are? Oh poor thing.”
“It’s not so bad. The longest he’s cried is for an hour.”
“An hour! You let him cry for a whole hour? Oh poor little guy.”

This is when I start to backtrack so the person giving me the message doesn’t think I’m a total asshole.

“Well we’ve been going to him to try to comfort him and make sure he’s dry and fever-free, but that only seems to make him more upset. So we had to just let him do it on his own.”
“But he doesn’t seem psychologically damaged in the mornings. He’s in a great mood!”
Shovel shovel shovel.

Then my mother calls.

“How did my son sleep last night?” (Suddenly he’s HER son.)
“Good. We let him cry it out and it seemed to work.”
Insert high-pitched Middle Eastern accent here. “What?!”
“Yup. Nothing else is working. We had to go cold turkey.”
“OK, but don’t let him cry too hard. You know what they say about letting boys cry and their havgeets (eggs).”

Every time she starts a sentence with “you know what they say” I should just tune out immediately.

“No Ma, what do they say?”
“Well I don’t know exactly, but it’s supposed to be bad. Even Hovsep said so. So promise me you won’t let him cry too hard.”
This is usually when I lose my patience with her. Hovsep is an Armenian man in his 70s. He is not the world’s leading authority on my son’s havgeets. But suddenly I’m afraid for Nate’s reproductive organs. I look it up on the Internet right away. The rare case, no one on Earth with access to the web has experienced this. Or maybe I Googled it wrong.

Anyway, miraculously, Nate slept from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am last night without waking up and crying once. The conditioning has worked, though his thumb looks like leather from the sucking with the teeth to soothe himself. We celebrated by buying a new mattress -- pocket coils, pillow top, the works. (We actually bought it a week ago in anticipation. It arrives tomorrow! Zzzzzzzzz


La Blogueuse said...

I think my grandma has been talking to Hovsep's wife, heehee...she always has some kind of unfounded advice which she heard from a totally ancient Armenian néné about how I should live my life...I think a lot of Middle Easterners have Mr. or Mrs.Hovseps in their lives...BTW, I missed your Mom Show which i really wanted to see, but I was fuming behind the wheel in traffic gridlock in typical Montreal fashion. Hopefully, they'll have a repeat at some point, let me know if you find out.

andrea said...

We did the "let 'em cry" thing and it totally worked. It took only a few days for my daughter to adjust and she's slept really well every since. DH had to convince me but I'm sooo glad he did. There's nothing better than a good night sleep for me. I'll take it over sex and chocolate anytime.